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Sustainable architecture is a growing trend in the design world today.   Many consumer and commercial products use the “green” term to market themselves to environmental conscious consumers.  Unfortunately, there is no government standard for what “green” really is.  As a result, many organizations have been established to standardize what they perceive as “green” or sustainable design.  The most notable of these are the Green Building Initiative (GBI) and the US Green Building Council (USGBC).  GBI has developed their “Green Globes” rating    Program while USGBC has “Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design” or LEED       program.  Many Federal, State, and Local agencies have adopted the LEED program as their standard for defining “green” buildings. 

Archiverde Design, LLC has the qualified professionals and resources to provide sustainable designs for a variety of building types such as hotels, office buildings, academic facilities and residential structures.  AVD can take a project through the full certification process or we can simply design a building in the “spirit” of sustainable design with the use of environmentally responsible design elements and materials.  The latter follows the guidelines and requirements of certification but does not incur the associated administrative project costs.




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