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In 2004, Dow•Howell•Gilmore•Associates Inc (DHGA) made the decision to leave the building that it called home for seventy years. Though the Alden Dow Home and Studio still reflected Alden Dow’s ideals that the firm still follows today, it was time to move on to a new facility that demonstrates an updated, modern interpretation of these ideals.

Following the principles of “organic architecture”, the site was selected for its location as well as its natural beauty. The property had been designated as “remediated wetlands”, however with the assistance of the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), portions of the site were deemed as “upland” and therefore could be built upon. It was decided immediately to pursue “low impact” site design. The parking lot and building were laid-out carefully so as to minimize disruption to the site. The remaining land would then be left in its natural state. This approach caught the attention of the Midland Conservation District. They became involved in the project to assist DHGA with obtaining a grant to supplement the low-impact site improvements. With their help, DHGA was able to install “pervious” pavers in the parking lot. They also assisted the firm with adding natural amenities to the site such as indigenous grasses and wildflowers.



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